Waterproofing Services

Your home is the most valuable investment and one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Protecting it against water, rain and moisture is the best measures. What better way to start your project with one of the best professionally installed waterproofing experts, PaintGuru is a pioneer in waterproofing services.

Our highly experienced team identifies the problem. Identifying the problem is first and most important step i.e. what is the cause of leakage. Most of the time the cause is not identified and therefore the leakage comes back even after doing work. Once the cause clearly identified by our team, we choose the right solution. These are typically selected from a combination of branded waterproofing polymers, fibers and cements.

We always believe in quality work with timely completion of projects. When it comes to be today’s latest and best technology and fast changing method of treatment in this field, we provide our clients the best of solution & satisfaction. This is then executed rapidly to provide a long lasting guaranteed solution. Call us Now!

Leakage creates long term damage which far more than the cost of preventing it. We use US tech based Elastoplast coats with fiber. These We have products for internal leakage, wall and terrace waterproofing. Get rid of your leakages and damp patches. Our chemical membrane based systems can be used for flooring, bathrooms, kitchens and roofs. They can also be used to waterproof temporary roofing such as tin and asbestos.

Cost of waterproofing  Prevention is better than cure:

1) What is the cost of waterproofing?
2) Your floors are damaged
3) The paint peels off…
4) Expensive furniture and electronics etc are damaged
5) Roof and balcony waterproofing
6) Industrial Waterproofing
7) Commercial Building Waterproofing
8) Waterproofing for New Constructions

9) Bathroom Waterproofing
10) Tank water proofing
11) Expansion joints
12) Swimming pools and fountains
13) Crack treatment
14) Toilets
15) Planter Boxes

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