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Interior Painting

interior painting services
house painting by paintguru


  1. Coverage of existing furniture etc
  2. Your existing furniture, appliances etc are covered with plastic sheet to provent dust and damage .
  3. Excellent Surface preparation fully home painting services.
  4. This is the first step towards excellent painting. This includes sanding and cleaning of the wall, We also use a mechanical sanding device if needed to prepare the surface uniformly. The sanding machine does this in a few hours’ vs days by hand.
  5. Treatment of leakage and damp patches if required using our fiber reinforced solutions
  6. Putty to smoothen the wall as needed
  7. POP if specified
  8. Primer coats

Two coats of the specified paint

Painting options

Our base option is Asian Paints products. These typically are Asian Royale, Shine or acrylic emulsion. Due the high cost of labour these days , we do not recommend that you go for any other cheaper options as you would then end up painting much sooner do all home painting services. However we are open to other paint options from Asian Paints or leading manufacturers such as Dulux , Berger , Nerolac if you like

Paints that can be used

Royale from Asian Paints or Velvet Touch from Dulux

High end protective and water resistant paints from Loewes, USA are available. These can be wiped off easily and water will just slide off the wall. You can choose from glossy or matt finishes. This will give you excellent life and will protect from fungus and discoloration.

Exterior Painting

We provide a written quote, materials to be used, process and start and finish datesChoose from the following optionsEconomy – Ace from Asian Paints or equivalent – 3 years of lifeNot used much these days as the labor cost remains the same and this provides the lowest life before repainting.

Standard – Apex from Asian paints or Weathershield from Dulux or eq.

Tried and tested with about 5 years of life.

Superior – Apex Ultima from Asian paints

Recommended. Apart from our warranty ,Asian Paints provides a 7 year limited warranty . Anti-Fungal properties are a plus especially in humid areas like Mumbai.

exterior painting mumbai


Pidilite Raincoat or eq

These are elastomeric solutions which Paint and waterproof the walls at the same time. Prevent minor cracks from appearing. Water does not get into your wall and therefore the life of your building increases.

The Process

Scaffolding is erected as needed

  1. The surface is thoroughly washed
  2. Cracks are identified & filled
  3. Minor or hair cracks – filled with crack filling medium
  4. Medium surface cracks – opened –V groove with grinders and filled with crack filling paste
  5. Structural cracks – opened up in a V groove -with a grinder – filled with a polymer modified mortar .This is stronger than plaster.
  6. One coat of primer is applied
  7. Paint colour is selected
  8. First Coat of Paint is applied
  9. Second coat of Paint is applied


We have multiple solutions for all your leakage problems.

  1. Roof leakage – internal and external
  2. Leakage from walls
  3. Leakage in bathrooms
  4. Damp patches and efflorescence
  5. Leakage from pipes

The process

  1. Identify the root cause
  2. Choose the right treatment
  3. Execute with the right team, right material and right process.
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Furniture & Polish

A full range including Kitchen , Wardrobes , beds , Tables , Chairs , Showcases et al is available and can be matched to your décor , wall colors and preferences.  Existing furniture can be polished with melamine or PU finishes.

You can choose a theme/layout for your home and then choose furniture elements accordingly. You also mix and match and order individual pieces.

Over 400 designs and colours are available for just Kitchens alone. Our Kitchen designs provide smart and optimum space utilization.

Wardrobes can be taken upto the ceiling to maximize space. Every inch of your apartment can be used to use our limited space. This is where our years of experience comes in.

Talk to us about some unique space saving furniture like

1.wardrobe cum table
2.bunk beds with a queen size double box bed at the bottom and a single bed at the top. Option of a slide out center table is also possible.

paintguru furniture polishing services
furniture polish services in mumbai

Total Fit Out

Paintguru transforms an empty flat to a fully furnished ready to move in apartment

This includes all the services needed

Just talk to us and and see your dream home take shape with perfectly matched walls, furniture and décor. You can opt for the entire package or pick and choose what you need.

paintguru works
  • Layouts
  • Designer Options
  • Fixed Furniture – Kitchens , Wardrobes etc
  • Moveable furniture – Tables , Sofas etc
  • Kitchen Chimney & Water purifier – selection and installation
  • Windows & doors
  • Airconditioning selection & installation
  • Other appliances- selection and installation
  • Painting including exterior
  • Waterproofing
  • Polishing
  • Electrical services & fitting
  • Nameplates
  • Photos, Artwork & framing
  • Speciality options incl wallpaper etc
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Minor masonry & civil work


We fix existing issues and install new fittings and plumbing as needed. Plumbing is one of the most
essential parts of your home. Leaking or other defective plumbing can undermine your home, cause leakage and structural issues if allowed to fester, and can lead to a messy and unhygienic environment

Our experts diagnose the problem if any, make a list of the work and finish exterior and interior plumbing as required with the right piping, adhesives and fittings

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Interior Designer

Interior Designer Consultation

We offer interior design and execution including space planning. We use 3D modeling to show show completely integrated lifelike models and options with layouts, furniture , curtains etc. We serve customers for home interiors. Additionally we have provided interiors for showrooms , offices and other commercial establishments such as spa , salon etc. We have qualified interior designers and skilled technicians to deliver your dream project.

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