Interior Design

Paintguru offers a bespoke interior design service tailored to the clients personal taste, aspirations and budget.We believe the most desirable and beautiful homes are those in which space and light flow seamlessly throughout homes.

Stylish Interiors Design for Home
Designing residential interiors is a form of art. A home represents the occupant’s personality, their subtle layers, habits and life style. Our designers are skilled, experienced and talented in creating a unique spaces that score on all levels, comfort, aesthetics, utilitarian and inspiring.

Stunning Interior Design for your Office Space
Ideally commercial interior designs should be dynamic and stunning. Our designs are created to reflect the company’s goal’s and to create an overall image and impression that lends credence to its aim. Apart from spaces that are meant to create an impression our commercial designs are also tailored to create high-energy, environment friendly working space for the employees with awesome decor and inspiring colors.

Research indicates that if the work area is attractive and pleasant for the employees, the resultant work is creative and unique.

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