Nearly 60% people have small living rooms and struggle for ideas to decorate his/her living room that suits their lifestyle. Keep in mind that decorating small areas like living room is not an easy task because too many things need to be placed in one particular area. But, with the proper selection of things that might be unique for overall design aspects, you can accomplish 90% work with only 10% remaining as implementation. Here we have given five small living room design ideas that add certain amount of beauty to your home.

1) Modern choices: Modern design comes with the out of the box ideas that everyone loves.

Modern living room design ideas

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2) Go for comfort: While selecting the stuff for designing small living rooms, go for comfort.

Comfortable living room

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3) Simplicity: While selecting stuff for your living room keeps things as simple as possible.

Simple living room design

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4) Unity of color: While decorating small living room, it’s essential to have unity of color in your living room.

Colorful living room design

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5) Luxurious rooms: You can also turn your small space into luxurious ones because area doesn’t matter for designing your living room.

Luxurious living room design

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