Monsoon has arrived and everyone enjoys this season. In monsoon we need to take certain precautions to take care of household stuff like wooden furniture, electronic gadgets etc. In this article we have given a few steps to take care of your wooden furniture.

1) Shift your wooden furniture inside from doors and balcony where it can easily comes in contact with rain.

2) Keep clean: During rainy session keep your house clean to maintain the right moisture level inside the house that is helpful for wooden furniture. Use of air conditioners help to maintain humidity levels that are helpful for wooden stuff.

3) Stay away from moisture: Use clean and dry material to clean your furniture to prevent dust accretion. Building dust on furniture absorbs moisture and it affects the wood.

4) Staying away from water leakage areas: Make sure to keep your furniture away from water leakage areas. Ceiling and walls are damp during the monsoon season, so ensure your wooden furniture is not under this area.

5) Oil your furniture: Wooden stuff swells up during the rainy session owing to moisture absorption. Doors, drawers can get stuck. You can avoid this with regular oiling on wooden stuff.

6) Avoid renovating: Avoid renovating like painting and polishing during monsoon it doesn’t give good results. High moisture levels will damage your furniture, so clean them regularly.

7) Use moisturizer: Naphthalene balls are best to absorb moisture and repel insects, also help to safeguard our clothes. Use natural ideas like neem leaves for the same purpose.

You can use any of these ideas to care for your wooden furniture during monsoon session.