Monsoon session is coming and it comes with humidity, insects etc. Ensure that your home is ready to face all these problems to live your daily lifestyle as you live it. In this article we have given few tips to care for or face problems that occur in rainy session. These ideas help to keep your home safe and secure in monsoon season.

1) Check leakages: to secure your home in rainy season, better to check leaks in roofs and walls before monsoon. If you find any leaks then immediately repair those leaks.

2) Protect furniture: in monsoon moisture can enter your wooden furniture and can wreck it. Get PU or melamine polish to protect your furniture from moisture and bugs.

3) Avoid remodeling your house in monsoon: in monsoon remodeling your house is not a good idea. You can do little chores but avoid complete house renovation.

4) Regular house cleaning: in rainy session regular cleaning of the house is best option to avoid the fusty smell.

5) Check all electrical appliances: check all electrical appliances are working properly and stay away from water leakage area to prevent electrical shock. Check all electrical gadgets thru an electrician to prevent electrical shock.

These are important tips to care for your home in monsoon session. Make sure that all things are fixed on time and importantly before rainy session to live your daily life effortlessly. Consult with PaintGuru professionals for a wide range of ideas to care your home.